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    LanDe subsidiary of biotechnology and Medicine Institute of

    July 27th, LanDe subsidiary of Zhejiang LanDe Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and the Zhejiang University School of medicine in the head of the company signed a cooperation agreement. Professor Liu Xuesong of Zhejiang University School of medicine, Professor Wu Yongjiang, Luan LJ, Lampard on behalf of Ren Xuhua, Li Qing and other leaders, Gao Yanbin and Reed Hangzhou planning Co., attended the meeting. At the meeting, the two sides on the cooperation to develop a deeper discussion, to further determine the direction of product development, sales channels, to promote the two sides to work more in-depth. Reed plans to develop a new company on the special, in line with the marketing model of the development of the market. The two sides are responsible for the per capita, expected in the promotion of the school enterprise cooperation, to achieve the complementary advantages of both sides, and seek common development.

               Left: XueSong Liu          Right: XuHua Ren

                Left: Qing Li          Right: YanBing Gao

            Left To Right: Qing Li   XueSong Liu   YanBing Ren