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    Progress in the research of ionic liquid modified silica gel

    In the National Natural Science Foundation and China Academy of Sciences "project under the support of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Chinese Academy of Sciences Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics Key Laboratory of chemistry of Northwestern plantresources Qiu Hong lights" Hundred Talents Program "project team in ionic liquid modified silica gel liquid chromatography stationary phase have been developed by color research.

    Ionic liquid is a kind of non molecular molten salt, which is composed of a cation and an anion. Due to its multiple advantages, such as high stability, conductive performance, strong solubility and modification, ionic liquid shows a high value and economic benefits in many fields. Based on ionic liquid modified silica gel for the team in the heterogeneous system, the synthesis of imidazolium cation embedded C18 stationary phase and imidazolium cation interval C18 stationary phase, and use mathematical model to verify the influence of different position on the distribution of imidazolium cation chromatography showed that the study published in the Talanta (2014, 126 177-184).

    The researchers also explored a new ionic liquid stationary phase preparation route, the formation of urea based functional ionic liquid in a homogeneous medium, significantly increased the amount of ionic liquid on the surface of silica gel key, and has a strong design, the surface properties of the products can be controlled by changing the substituent of silica spheres thus, suitable for different chromatographic modes (see below). The results were published in Advances RSC (2014, 4, 34654-34658) and of Chromatography A Journal (20141365, 148-155).

    Based on the relevant research work, the team analyzed the overall situation of ionic liquid stationary phase modified silica gel to date using the preparation method and the application field of a detailed comprehensive discussion of related work, published in the Trends in Analytical Chemistry (2014, 53, 60-72). This review highlights the application of ionic liquid in liquid chromatography for the relevant research to better understand the sources of ionic liquids provide some help for liquid chromatography preparation has certain guiding significance.

    The team has further expanded the variety and application range of the materials by using a series of ionic liquid modified silica gel liquid chromatography stationary phase.