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    The State Food and Drug Administration issued 8 research tec

    By the drug review center responsible for the drafting of the "principles of drug safety pharmacology research technical guidance" and other 8 technical guidance has been approved by the State Food and drug administration, and in May 13th officially released.
    8 guidelines for the release, which "drug safety pharmacology", "Drug Guidelines for single dose toxicity study of technology," the guiding principle of "drug repeated dose toxicity study", "technical guidelines for pharmaceutical non clinical pharmacokinetic study" and "technical guidelines irritation and allergy and haemolysis study on" guiding principles and 5 technical guidelines on 2005 were enacted national bureau of traditional Chinese medicine and natural medicine and chemical medicine non clinical safety technology guidelines for research and. The new formulation of the "drug toxicikinetics technology," the guiding principle of "drug QT prolongation potential role of non clinical research guiding principles" and "drug non clinical safety evaluation and sample testing requirements of Q&A", is the current international drug non clinical safety evaluation and understanding of key issues based on the combining the future development of China's non clinical safety evaluation of drugs and make.
    The release of the above guidelines will help to improve the scientific and normative evaluation of drug non clinical safety in our country, and lay an important foundation for further improvement of China's guiding principle system.
    To understand the specific content of the principles of "technical guidelines for the study of drug safety pharmacology", please visit the website of the State Food and drug administration, 8.