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    Transformation of the results of the test base

     LanDe New Materials, Zhejiang province people's Government of Deqing County, Zhejiang University Institute of Lanzhou Academy of Sciences and China Institute of physics in promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win principle, and achievements in the test base, the rapid transformation of enterprises and local economic development needs of the application of technology to cash.

    Huzhou Institute of technology innovation research center of Tsinghua University

    The technical innovation research center of Tsinghua University Huzhou Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as the Huzhou Research Institute) is a research center of Tsinghua University technology innovation center in the Yangtze River Delta only a research institute based in Huzhou, radiation Yangtze River Delta region. Is the enterprise new products, new technology, new equipment, new materials, as well as new strategies, new applications of R & D center; is the enterprise talent attraction, cohesion, training center; also is the enterprise technical services and radiation center. At the same time, the Research Institute of Zhejiang and the Yangtze River Delta region to provide innovative consulting services for enterprises to upgrade the transformation and upgrading of technology innovation methods.

    Huzhou technology transfer center, Zhejiang University

    LanDe subsidiary of Zhejiang blue Biotechnology Co. Ltd. and Zhejiang University Institute of modern Chinese medicine talent form cooperation mechanism, the two sides will optimize their resources, innovation cooperation mode, the research results both through innovative carrier platform operation, to further promote the industrialization of research results, produce tangible economic benefits through exploration and practice of innovation mechanism, and constantly promote the industrialization of research results.