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    Zhejiang LanDe Energy Technology Company Ltd., founded in 2009, the registered capital of 25 million yuan, paid in capital of 25 million yuan, the company registered address for the Changhong street, Deqing County Economic Development Zone No. 892, 28600 square meters with the existing industrial company, with production workshop and office building of 37500 square meters, the company's total assets of 82 million yuan, more than 50 employees.

    The company relies on Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Zhejiang University of Technology, Zhejiang University, Academy of Sciences Chinese Hospital School of scientific research and innovation team and achievements, a joint Vc firms as well as natural science and technology partnership established a mainly engaged in new energy technology, green synthesis technology, and biomedical research, application, production and sales as one of the joint-stock company. The company's existing R & D team 2, are located in Hangzhou and Deqing, R & D team doctor 2, college degree or above 25 research staff. Companies to complete the project each year not less than 5.

    The ionic liquid of new materials make stronger doing fine, the company in product development, the expansion of the application of ionic liquid and other work made important deployment, respectively and the Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics and the Zhejiang University signed a joint development agreement, especially in the ionic liquid material in battery electrolyte application, and obtain the relevant data through research and docking.